We asked 6 successful entrepreneurs – what is the one piece of advice or inspirational tip they would give to a small business starting out or wanting to grow? This is what they told us ….

Inspirational tips #1

 ” When I started out my mindset was insecure about everyone else’s opinion. Since then my motto has been: become a rock the river cannot wash away. So if it’s possible, get some coaching to help overcome any insecurities that may be holding you back – it’ll be worth it. ” Kam

sanzen digital 6 inspirational tips for the small business owner

Inspirational tips #2

”When I started out there was no internet and it was possible to wear all the hats. I don’t think you can do that now because of all the changing technologies. If I had to start again, I would look to invest in skills and outside expertise a lot earlier”. Claire

Inspirational tips #3

 ”If you believe in something strongly enough you should take the risk and go for it. But sometimes the voice of reason stops you from taking certain financial risks. If it’s possible, make sure you are the majority stakeholder in your own business. ”. Sam

sanzen digital 6 inspirational tips for small businesses

Inspirational tips #4

”We always said yes first and then started to think of how to actually do it – meaning we were able to embrace opportunities and grow quickly. Had we spent too long analysing those opportunities, we may have found ourselves paralyzed by the unknowns and potential mishaps”. Paz

sanzen digital 6 inspirational tips for small businesses

Inspirational tips #5

 ” I think the one thing I’d probably tell people starting out is think about what it is you want to do and achieve. And don’t be afraid to bring other people in to help you, because you can’t achieve it all on your own.”. Paulette

sanzen digital 6 inspirational tips for small businesses

Inspirational tips #6

 ” I wish someone had told me to think bigger and believe more in yourself – you would be amazed how much you can achieve and how much other people believe in you”. Jen

sanzen digital 6 inspirational tips for small businesses

Bonus tip!

” Invest in the areas you’re not the expert in so you can focus on your core service. We knew from the outset we needed an accountant! Otherwise, you’ll find you’re not as effective as you need to be and ultimately wasting resource in the long run”. Lina

sanzen digital 6 insprational tip for small businessess

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