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Tips From Other Small Business Owners


How to get Facebook followers and engage them

Getting started on Facebook and building an audience can be a scary challenge for a small business. Many struggle to kick off their social media presence because once their account is set up, they don't know how to. Furthermore, most will not have the budget to get a...

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How Networking Paved The Way For This Nordic Walker

First, a full disclosure that we're  members of business networking groups - the Athena Network; Business Biscotti; Chamber of Commerce; and the FSB. And Sanzen Digital wouldn’t have got off the ground as quickly as it did without having networking as part of our...

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How this small business smashed it on YouTube

Although YouTube is particularly suited for businesses targeting Millennials (18-30 year olds) there is no doubt that the use of online videos (whether it's on YouTube or as embedded content on a website or an email) is a super effective digital marketing tool for...

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How One Savvy Financial Adviser Uses Social Media

The financial services sector is for obvious reasons heavily regulated, especially when it comes to advertising and in recent years, social media. Everything has to be approved from a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) point of view and this, understandably, can be...

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Marketing 101

6 Inspirational tips for the small business owner

We asked 6 successful entrepreneurs - what is the one piece of advice or inspirational tip they would give to a small business starting out or wanting to grow? This is what they told us .... Inspirational tips #1  '' When I started out my mindset was insecure about...

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12 signs you’ve found your perfect match!

Are you a business looking for the perfect digital agency to show you true customer satisfaction? Or are you an agency tired of time wasters and are desperately seeking for the perfect client to do some hot business with? Whatever your needs - don’t feel despair this...

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8 ways to keep your customer relationship alive!

Did you know it can cost up to 30 times as much to get a new customer relationship going than it does to keeping an existing one? But like most relationships operating in an age of digital shopping around, and quick comparisons, it's never been easier for your...

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One smart way to convert your prospects into customers

I want you to read this post. It’s been a labour of love and I want to help your business prosper. Telling you it’s about benefits-driven copy isn’t going to mean anything to you. But if I told you, by reading this post you'll be a step closer getting potential...

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