Social Media and Business Training Courses

Over the last few years we have been helping our clients, many of them came with the same questions and issues regarding social media.

This is why we have decided to offer workshops where business owners and their team can learn the good practice when it comes to using Facebook or social media in general.

People attending these workshops will leave with the confidence in their abilities to publish and grow an audience online. They will also leave with key actions to put in place and depending on the workshop attending, with a full strategy plan to implement.

GDPR 2 hours workshop - Make sure to be ready! (March 2018)

From May 25th 2018, GDPR Legislative change will impact all business owners who hold access and share data.

Chances are that you’ve read the GDPR guide but you’re still struggling to understand how to implement the new regulation.

In particular:

  • The new opt in rules, if you have an email list
  • How to make sure your  business remains compliant over time
  • How to make your website compliant under the new regulation

In this workshop, we will take you through an easy to understand step-by-step guide to make sure your business is and remains GDPR compliant.

Find out more about the GDPR workshop.

Facebook Masterclass; Beginners and Intermediate training workshop (4 hours)

Are you active on Facebook but are struggling to understand how to use it effectively for your business? Or perhaps you are new to social media and want to understand how you can use Facebook to your advantage?

This beginners masterclass is for business owners  (or their staff) who need to learn:

  • How to use Facebook tools with confidence?
  • What content should you publish and how to do it?
  • How can you create attractive and engaging visuals for your page?
  • How can you be active on social media without having to spend hours on it?
  • How to protect your privacy?


Find out more about the Facebook Masterclass Training Course.

Social Media Planning and Strategy - Bespoke to your business (1:1 sessions)

Are you using social media but you want to know how it ties up with your business activities? Are you lacking confidence in how you can use your social media?

  • You are active on social media but you are not sure how to leverage your audience for your business
  • You want to understand how you can use social media at your advantage
  • You want a clear action plan that will show you what to do and how to do it
  • You want to know what content you should publish on social media and how to do it

This is an in-depth one-to-one session for business owners who want to use social media strategically for their business.

Find out more about the Social Media Planning and Strategy training workshop (one-to-one sessions)