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Making social media work for you


Most businesses often charge ahead with social media without measurable objectives and a clear strategy. The end result is being active on networks your customers don’t visit or wasting your time posting material which doesn’t interest your audience.

Chances are you already have some social media presence and like many businesses you are finding it frustrating or a waste of your valuable time. It might be that social media is a completely new territory for your business.

You want to “go social” but you are not sure what the best approach is. Whatever stage on the social spectrum your business is, we can help.


How social media can help your business


  • Increase your brand visibility and audience
  • Improve your organic search ranking
  • Engage with your customers and a new audience
  • Reduce costs – in customer services, advertising, and even product design or your service offering
  • Increase revenue – through greater reach, driving traffic to your website


How we can help your business


Social Media STRATEGY

For more powerful social media campaigns – Sanzen will help you develop an effective social media strategy which will:

  1. Target your audience
  2.  Define measurable social media goals which are aligned with your business objectives and resources
  3.  Provide a plan of action which will help meet your goals


There are so many social media platforms, it can be hard to know where to begin.

  1. We will provide you with useful recommendations and the right support to determine the best platforms for you
  2. We will help you save time and resources by setting up your social accounts and pages with your brand, designs, and logo

Social media ADVERTISING

With millions of people using social networks, social advertising has become a real and tangible driver of leads and sales. And unlike traditional advertising, a social media ad campaign is not only more targeted but also cheaper. So whether you want to drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads or engage more with your audience, we will:

  1. Identify social advertising opportunities across key platforms which will meet your business needs
  2. Set up social advertising campaigns for you, including A/B testing campaigns
  3. Monitor your campaign from start to finish and optimise your ads spend, ensuring your goals are achieved and within budget


For small businesses the key issue is resource. If you don’t have someone to manage and monitor your social media, it can be a drain on your time and a potential distraction from your core business. We will:

  • Show you how to monitor and manage your social media pages e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest …
  • Set up an effective content management strategy for you

Or if you prefer, we can:

  • Monitor and manage your accounts for you with scheduled key content and posts
Did You Know?
92% of marketers working with small businesses (between two and 10 employees) agree or strongly agree that social media is crucial to their marketing efforts –  Source: social examiner 

What our clients say…

Did You Know?
Within two years, more than 50% of small businesses agree social media helps them increase sales; within five years, 70% of small businesses see ROI from a social media presence – Source: social examiner 
I would like to thank Sanzen Digital for the excellent job that you have done. You manage my social media on Facebook and Instagram and drove additional traffic to my website which has improved my google rating immensely. You have been doing this with limited supervision and input from me and your messages are spot on. I would highly recommend your services.
Veronica Koppelman - Owner of 4Longer Beauty Ltd

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