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Turn your business into a revenue generation machine!


Tuesday, February 6th

  • Starts at 9:30 am
  • Ends at 4:30pm
  • Green Park Business Park, 200 Longwater Avenue, Green Park, Reading RG2 6GB
  • £165 plus VAT per person
  • Early Bird offer - £137.50 plus VAT until midnight on January 6th 2018
  • Includes a buffet lunch and beverages
  • Limited spaces!

A unique workshop that combines business clarity modelling with Facebook expertise. To help you identify the best ways to retain existing clients, scale your business and feel more in control.  

This workshop is for you if...

  • You are unsure where your business is going - Is your focus on client retention, new markets, product distribution, brand awareness?  
  • You are looking for new ways to grow your client base - What would be your best market? Where are they? How do you stand out to them?
  • You want to know how to scale your business with what you already have - What is the size of the opportunity from your existing client base?
  • You are unclear on how to leverage Facebook for your business - Are you struggling to get momentum with your Facebook content? Do you want to know if Facebook advertising can work for you? Do you need expert advice on Facebook advertising campaigns?

How this workshop will help you

With our combined expertise in business coaching and social media marketing, this unique and comprehensive one day workshop will help you to:

Re-focus and get super clear on your business goals

Re-align your Facebook activity to your business goals 

Our Commitment 

This workshop will give you 100% clarity on how to move your business in the direction you want it to. 

Part 1 Business clarity and planning  

Take control of where you want your business to go so you feel more confident with goals, revenue objectives and with a good understanding of your market.  

  • Understand the current shape of your business and the hidden opportunities
  • Set powerful business goals
  • Identify your revenue streams
  • How to differentiate your business and how to offer a strong value proposition
  • How to reach your market  


Part 2 Facebook strategy

Reduce the frustration with your business facebook page. Get your Facebook activities aligned with your business strategy.  

  • 3 steps for a clear Facebook positioning so your audience knows how you stand out from your competitors.
  • Establish the resources and budget needed (crunching the numbers)
  • How to plan and strategise your content
  • Overview of advertising options to grow your business on Facebook
  • How to build and grow a database  

At the end of the session you will have  

  • A business action plan. Clarity on what services or products you need to focus on to develop revenue growth.  
  • A Facebook action plan. Clarity on how you can use effectively Facebook to implement your business action plan.

"Grainne managed to untangle my thoughts into a coherent and logical plan. With just a few probing questions, and much listening, she really understood me and Toucan HR. And just 24 hours later I have already benefited from my session with Grainne. My mind is much more focused on what I want to achieve, and how; now I’m eager to put it into action. I would highly recommend Grainne Ridge to any organisation seeking to turn their business theory into business success." Myra Tourick, Chartered FCIPD * HR Director * Business Partner * HR Consultant

"I would definitely recommend Sanzen Digital for any business wanting help to manage its social media and especially if you want social media training; as they give lots of useful information and realistic expectations from their combined wealth of marketing experience. Both Umbreen and Lina are very friendly and extremely professional. Thank you ladies." M.Edwards, Affiliate Sales, KookyShop

About Your Coaches

Grainne Ridge All About Results 

Professional Business Training & Coaching

Grainne's corporate career includes KPMG and the Mars Corporation. Since 2005 her passion has been to develop the SME part of the business world by providing corporate quality facilitation and training.

She's worked with tens of small businesses, facilitating their thinking, guiding them to growth and confidence and training their teams.

She has authored three books including, 'Time Management' and 'Difficult Customers'.

Lina Gomes Sanzen Digital

 Social Media Planning & Strategy  

Lina has 10 years’ experience working in a strategic digital role across a number of industries in the UK. From online training, to the weight loss and healthcare sectors.  

IDM Digital Media and Google Square certified. 

Umbreen Lenoire Sanzen Digital 

Social Media Content Management 

Umbreen has over 12 years’ experience in direct marketing. She has worked as a campaign manager across a number of industries including financial services and utilities. And has significant experience in managing marketing projects using both digital and traditional media. 

Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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